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Muxima ilha de Luanda

Duration 8-9h

We will start the day with some 4×4 adventures in The Namibe Desert, also known as the Namib Desert in Angola – a coastal desert located along the Atlantic Ocean. The landscape is characterized by vast dunes that reach up to 300 meters in height, rocky plains, and sparse vegetation. Afterward, we will visit Arco Lake – a beautiful oasis, fed by the waters of the Rio Curoca river. It gets its name from the characteristic sandstone arches. Unfortunately, due to the lack of rain in recent years, the lake dried up a few years ago and has remained so ever since. However, the region is still picturesque and worth taking the trip. Less than 30 minutes away is one of the hidden gems of our itinerary – the picturesque Camilunga Canyon. In the evening we will return to Namibe where we will spend the night.

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